A choice of portfolios

We offer a variety of investment choices accommodating different underlying holdings in order to implement our seven risk rated investment models and meet a range of investor needs.

Model portfolio services
These portfolios are solutions designed to best represent the output from our investment process. The mix of underlying assets of our models will be broadly fixed at the outset, although it can be tilted to reflect changing economic conditions.

  • Active underlying holdings offer the potential to outperform the wider market by investing to anticipate long term macro trends, and can reduce volatility in turbulent markets by underweighting the most volatile stocks
  • Passive underlying holdings tend to track the market more closely than active funds and typically have lower management charges. They can suit investors who do not want to pay for potential outperformance of the market
  • Securities models hold UK equity stocks instead of holding UK equity funds. Investing in UK stocks directly is typically cheaper than in UK equity funds, because of the funds’ management costs. Our UK equities are initially selected through TESS, a quantitative screen applied to approximately 350 UK stocks to rank them according to six financial strength indicators. The top 20% of these are further refined through research and analytics, resulting in about 30 of our ‘best ideas’ that we believe will outperform the wider UK market, although this is not guaranteed
  • Optima funds combine both active and passive underlying holdings within a unit trust structure, giving active asset allocation without the potential tax events that may be triggered by the sale of individual holdings. The authorised fund manager for the funds is Thesis Unit Trust Management Ltd (a subsidiary company of Thesis Asset Management Limited)

Bespoke portfolio services
Our bespoke portfolio service enables us to tailor portfolios if an investor’s circumstances mean that our models are not the optimum solution for them. We can accommodate ethical preferences, legacy assets, offshore solutions and alternative currencies. Individual reporting and ongoing review meetings with a dedicated investment manager make this service a highly personal solution.

Read our Guide to Model Portfolios and Guide to Bespoke Portfolios to find out more.