Research and selection

Our seven model investment portfolios are designed to represent the output from our investment process. Each model portfolio has a predefined range that dictates how much and how little the portfolio can hold in each asset class. Tactical asset allocation will specify a weighting for each asset class in the portfolios at any given time.

The actual holdings within each asset class are selected through a process of research and analysis, and are subject to strict investment parameters to determine whether or not they should be included on the recommendations shortlists. The shortlists are compiled by our specialist investment committees, covering UK equities, fixed income, ethical and pooled vehicles (collective funds and trusts).

Between them the investment committees recommend buy, hold and sell positions for a wide variety of assets to create diversified portfolios. Our investment managers typically manage a client portfolio according to one of our investment models, although they also tilt bespoke portfolios to accommodate specific client requirements, such as ethical screening, as appropriate.

The investment shortlists are always under review, and any changes to the recommendations are sent to all our investment managers, who decide the best way to implement them in their bespoke client portfolios.