Managed Income Service


The Managed Income Service is designed to mitigate some of the near term risks of drawing a regular income from an investment portfolio, leaving it better positioned to deliver sustainable income for the long term.

Aim – To optimise a portfolio’s ability to deliver sustainable income over the long term, by mitigating near term investment risks and improving the prospects for portfolio

Strategy – To migrate client money gradually from partial investment in defensive assets to full investment in the appropriate growth model

For clients – Aims to reduce near term investment risks to improve the prospect of income delivery over the long term

For advisers – Scalable solution, centralised proposition, active quarterly rebalancing optimises both growth and defensive assets

Flexibility – Flexible time frame, choice of risk profile for growth portfolio, no exit penalty

Availability – Available on selected platforms – please contact the Thesis business development team for details here.

While the Managed Income Service is likely to be of interest primarily to pension investors, it may also suit those looking for a lower risk approach to generating income. The service may be used to pay income for a fixed term or an indefinite period, although the income and other returns from the investment are not guaranteed.

We have created an illustrator to allow you to see how the Managed Income Service might work in a variety of market conditions. The illustrator contains a range of schematic and historical return scenarios and allows you to enter your own return assumptions to help you to gain an insight into the circumstances where the service could be beneficial to a client.

Click here to use our illustrator tool  Managed Income Service

Download our Managed Income Service brochure to find out about the benefits and risks or contact your nearest Thesis office.

Decumulation White Paper

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How MIS can help your clients with their decumulation planning

When it comes to retirement planning, there are now many options available to choose from, and it can be confusing. We have made a list of some of the most commonly used ‘solutions’ and how they address typical client challenges. Download the guide here.

Wording for suitability reports to clients

We have created a document providing wording for Financial Planners or Advisers writing suitability reports to clients. This is available here.