Solutions for advisers

Thesis offers discretionary investment management services which can take the form of personalised bespoke portfolios, model portfolios and the Optima range of unit trusts. Many advisers who recommend their clients to Thesis prefer to retain the responsibility for ascertaining their clients’ attitude to risk and making suitability recommendations. Others are happy for us to manage the risk and suitability work. Either way, advisers choose how much of the client’s relationship they want to manage, and Thesis helps them to deliver the most suitable investment solutions.

Delegating investment management service to Thesis means advisers are free to spend more time with their clients and strengthen the personal relationships that clients value. The benefits of using Thesis discretionary management services include:

  • diversified multi asset approach – classes, regions and fund management styles
  • fully resourced research teams
  • asset allocation expertise, including dedicated fixed income committee
  • expert fund analysis, due diligence, selection and blending
  • professional portfolio design and construction
  • risk parameters to suit a range of investment needs
  • rebalancing to prevent mandate drift
  • strategic action to mitigate market events
  • performance reporting, valuations, statements

In addition we also offer advisers the opportunity to ‘white label’ our investment models. This means they can offer clients their own brand investments while Thesis provides the necessary resource and costs required to manage the portfolios. Responsibility for defining the investment policy can reside with Thesis or may be determined through an investment committee formed of representatives of both Thesis and the participating adviser firm.

Advisers who wish to establish collective investment schemes, to meet the needs of a particular client segment or for clients such as family offices, can do so through Thesis Unit Trust Management. This part of the Thesis group creates and manages collective funds and provides ACD and administration services for third parties. Advisers can benefit from consultation on appropriate fund structures and investment policies as well as the provision of governance and compliance from a highly experienced team.

Independently rated
Our bespoke portfolios are rated by Asset Risk Consultants (ARC). In addition, our investment models have been rated five stars by Defaqto, which has also awarded five diamonds to our Optima fund range (as at February 2019). This means advisers can use independent third parties to assess the strength of our investment expertise. Our models have also been risk mapped to Dynamic Planner provided by Distribution Technology (DT), which helps advisers make appropriate recommendations for their clients.