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Welcome to Thesis Asset Management

At Thesis, we want to make investment individual for you. We take the time, now and in the future, to understand our clients’ needs and circumstances, even as they change. We value a close relationship with our investors, so as well as benefiting from our years of experience and expertise, you’ll also find us approachable and accessible.

Consistent, reliable investment process

Our investment process has been designed by our dedicated research team and senior investment managers to be applied consistently over time. We don’t aim to beat every other investment manager over every time period. Instead, we aim to deliver a consistent, steady return for clients, whether they are looking for growth or income or a mixture of both.

Established professional investment partners

At Thesis we have been investing for decades, since our inception in 1974. We have built strong, lasting relationships with clients and with their existing professional advisers. We pride ourselves on our ability to invest for the long term and to stay focused, regardless of occasional economic upheavals and short term market turbulence.

A trusted investment management company

Thesis Asset Management manages or advises on approximately £15.1 billion of funds (as at 31/08/18), and invests on behalf of private clients, charities, pension funds and trusts.

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