Our assessment process

We look for a quality mix of personality, professionalism and talent in our staff. In order to select the best candidate for the role, we carry out a thorough assessment process.

Once you have been short listed for an interview, you will be invited along to meet the recruiting manager(s) for a first interview. If you are successful at the first interview, you will be asked to return for a second interview. The recruiting manager and a member of the HR team will attend either or both of these interviews.

As well as the interview, we use a wide variety of assessment methods pertinent to the role. This gives you the opportunity to show us you have all the necessary experience, qualities and skills we need.

The competency based interview
During a competency based or behavioural interview, you’ll be asked to think of examples of specific work-based situations you’ve been in. You’ll need to tell us how you handled it and what the outcome was.

A competency based interview involves asking you about your CV and career history, why you’ve made certain career choices, what your skills and competencies are and specific examples where you have demonstrated those skills.

We’ll use a combination of both styles of interview, together with additional assessment to evaluate your strengths and development needs.

Generally our interviews last an hour to two hours, depending on the role and may include one or more different exercises. The following is an example of what you may expect to encounter:

  • Role plays
  • Ability tests, such as numerical reasoning, accuracy, logic, Excel, written English, role-specific questions
  • Presentations
  • Personality questionnaires

Role plays
This involves you acting out a scenario you might find yourself in as part of the role. You’ll be given time to prepare and then you’ll carry out the role play with a couple of assessors. This gives us a good idea of how you’d handle certain challenges that might arise in your role.

Ability tests
These measure specific abilities or skills that are required for the role. You’ll be given instructions before you start and a prescribed amount of time in which to complete the exercise(s).

Some positions we recruit for involve making presentations or pitches to clients or other groups, both internal and external. So, as part of the recruitment process, we could ask you to prepare a presentation on a particular topic at your first or second interview.

Personality questionnaires
Before or during your interview, you may be asked to complete a short, timed questionnaire to help reveal aspects of your character.